TALO 2: and away we go!!

Wow, I’m really really bad about keeping up with this blog aren’t I?  So sorry; as things in my life become more…stressful…I tend to shut down and isolate. Blogging isn’t part of isolating.

Anyway, Take a Load Off (TALO) 2 starts on Tuesday, Feb 14th! I’m very excited about this. Since last Feb 14th, I’ve lost 27 lbs. Which, granted, could be done faster. But I spent the year focused on nutrition and cooking and hardly ever exercised at all. So 27 lbs just from a change in diet is huge. It’s also happened in such a gradual manner that there really isn’t a “diet” that I’ve started and will eventually stop…it’s just been a nearly seamless transition within my habits. Seamless does not mean EASY! It just means that the changes I made were so gradual that there were times when it didn’t feel like I was making any changes at all. And that’s the kind of change you want if you want to stick with the new lifestyle for the long haul. No crash diets here, LIFESTYLE CHANGE people!

So, I’ve got about 25 lbs left to go. This year I’m focusing on the fitness – dare I say “exercise”? – portion of the equation.

Toward the end of last year I started taking a Zumba class. I’m very lucky, they offer it at work every Friday and it’s free to employees!  I love the class. When I was a kid I took dance – ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, ballroom, country…you name it, I shook my booty to it. Zumba is sort of like a cross between aerobics, hip hop, and Latin dance.  And it is SO MUCH FUN! And it’s exhausting.  But SO MUCH FUN!!

And yes, that picture up there is of a Zumba class! Doesn’t it look like one big dance party??

One of the big things that we are offered here at work is functional strength training. (What is functional strength training?) It’s the core of the exercise program here at work. It’s offered at least once a day every day, and usually 2 – 3 times (morning, lunch, evenings). Sessions range in intensity from beginner to very advanced for the diehards who have been at it forever. Last year when TALO started they also added a new time slot for those of us who were SUPER new at it so that we could get in from the ground floor and work our way up in difficulty. This is offered Tues & Thurs at lunch.

So, along with my Friday lunchtime Zumba class, I’ll be setting out on the FST path. I’m more than a little apprehensive about this to be quite honest. I haven’t been in a gym since 1992 after my trainer raped me. And these classes aren’t in a gym, they’re outside. But it’s the whole idea of “exercise” that makes me start hyperventilating. It’s not even because I have any question about the people who are involved. I trust them 100%. But maybe that’s part of the problem, because I trusted him 100% too. Hmmmm. Maybe need to focus on that more with my therapist.

Well, can’t think about that now.  I need to stay POSITIVE so that I don’t chicken out of this at the last minute. I think I can drop the rest of the weight fairly quickly once I start moving and toning up my muscles.  And THAT I’m really looking forward to!

Current weight: 140 lbs.  20-ish more to go!

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