Garbanzo Bean Salad

OK, I’m the first to admit this is NOT a food & recipe blog…BUT!! I am so tickled with how my very last minute dinner turned out I thought I’d share!

So, it’s late (9:30 pm) and I’ve had a glass of wine, got a load of laundry in and have loaded the dishwasher…but I need to eat dinner! But it’s too late to defrost chicken or fish and cut up a bunch of veggies. So what am I going to do??

Well, I had a can of organic garbanzo beans handy. Short of making hummus, what could I do with these?

I got it! I’ll make a bean salad! So, 1 can of garbanzo beans heated in the microwave for 60 seconds, 1 diced roma tomato, “some” diced green pepper, plus lemon pepper seasoning, garlic powder, and parsley to taste (A LOT of parsley!), stir,  and VOILA!  I had dinner!  And it was good!

My new theory about cooking and food is renewed – if you enjoy the individual items, try throwing them all in there together. What’s the worst that can happen?

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