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Wherefore art thou Vitamin D?

Last week I had my annual exam. They’ve begun testing Vitamin D levels because there are studies that suggest that low Vit D levels indicate the potential for problems associated with osteoporosis. Continue reading

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If you read multiple blogs, you probably use some type of subscription service to help you keep track of all the new posts. To make it easier for you to find Diary of a Midlife Crisis, we are now listed … Continue reading

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Accountability, party of none

According to the article, Rehtaeh, 17 yrs old, hung herself because of the bullying, tormenting, and teasing she received after being gang raped by 4 classmates 2 yrs ago. One of the boys involved actually took pictures and distributed them to everyone in her school. And the people who received the pictures thought it was appropriate to start calling her a whore and a slut and asking her to sleep with them. Continue reading

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