Here we go again

blender3I’m baaaaack!


I’m so bad about blogs, I apologize for  my disappearance.

But I’m back today to make a confession and for a new start.

My confessions is thus: I’ve fallen off my healthy eating and healthy lifestyle wagon. Fell off and got run over by it. And in the process, have gained 30 lbs back. Maybe 35. I’m kind of scared to step on the scale these days.

I’m so disgusted with myself, my lack of willpower, and my ever-growing waistline. It’s really having an effect on my mental state, so it’s time to get back on the wagon. Or maybe just one horse to start with.

Today I’m starting another cleanse. It’s a 21-day program I’m doing through my chiropractor…please don’t randomly do a cleanse or detox without a dr’s supervision!

This cleanse involves a protein shake to start the day, a whole lot of raw fruits and veggies throughout the day, a couple more shakes before meals or as meal replacements, and a lot of supplements. I’ve had my first shake of the day. I need to work on the components a bit. It was pretty awful.

So, I’m off to chop up some veggies to snack on throughout the day. Just wanted to get this thing kicked off officially. I’m hoping this will help me be accountable throughout the 21 days. I’m hoping I’ll lose a couple pounds via the cleanse and that it will be enough to give me a kick in the pants to getting active again. Fingers crossed!

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2 Responses to Here we go again

  1. whittlingharmony says:

    Hey! Good for you for starting again. A cleanse like this can really make you feel good and give you momentum to keep going. Cheers! -Lisa

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