Coffee Jams: Oldies but Goodies #COFFEEJAMS

Confession time. I go to 7-11 every morning for coffee. I either drive past on my way to a client’s office or I walk on the days I’m working from home and on weekends. The 7-11 I go to always has fun music on. Blast-from-the-past kind of fun. I always end up bopping my head while I’m there, and it puts a smile on my face.

I finally asked if they were using a regular radio station or a Sirius station or what, and it turns out they’re listening to… an OLDIES radio station!!! ¬†Get out of here, these are not oldies, these are CLASSICS!

Anyway, I’ve decided to start sharing the joy of my mornings with you. I don’t have one every day, because sometimes the DJ’s are talking while I’m there, but on the mornings when the song hits home, I’ll post it for your nostalgic pleasure. Or just to laugh at this apparent old lady.

This morning’s #COFFEEJAMS post:

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